Every year, SAABJ gives out scholarships for high school seniors or college students interested in pursuing communications. We thank our scholarship sponsors for making this happen. They are:

** Help Us Reach More Students **

As of 2021, our scholarship is now housed at Alamo Colleges Foundation. This will make it possible for media-related students to get an affordable education and an extra boost from us.

To donate to our scholarship, just go to this page and look for the Bellinger-Coleman Black Media Scholarship (see image below). To donate via PayPal, go to our donation page here.

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Hear What Our Past Scholarship Winners Have to Say:

“I am truly honored and appreciative to be the recipient of this scholarship. I chose to attend Northwest Vista because of their amazingly low tuition rates. As a minority student going to college, there are challenges like the high prices of gas, food, books and tuition. This scholarship has alleviated some of that burden.”

Bellinger-Coleman Black Media Scholarship, Northwest Vista College New Media Communications Student

“This scholarship allows me to confidently continue my education into my second semester and save up for the rest of my college career. My goal is to transfer to UTSA to obtain my Bachelor’s in Communications with the hopes of becoming a graphic designer at my current job.”

Bellinger-Coleman Black Media Scholarship, Northwest Vista College Liberal Arts Student

“What does SAABJ mean to me? –The difference between having a map versus none when traveling an unknown path. They took interest in me when no one else did and have mentored and developed me as person. I feel like I will be so much more  prepared me to enter the workforce when I graduate.”

– SAABJ Scholarship Winner Alexia Hall

“The scholarship not only gave me the opportunity to continue my education, but the recognition gave me the confidence to say that I am indeed pursuing the right field of work. I am humbled by SAABJ and grateful for not only the scholarship, but the luminaries of journalism who  recognized my skill and my passion to change the world through media.”

– SAABJ Scholarship Winner Jesse Salazar

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